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You can add to your list of browser search providers and search directly from anywhere on the web (if you're using Firefox 2.0, Internet Explorer 7, or other OpenSearch client). This is the search box typically in the upper right corner of your web browser.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 users:

When you browse to, you'll notice that the small arrow to the right of the search box (top right of browser bar) is highlighted, typically orange. Click on this arrow and you'll see an option to "Add Search Providers", in this case you would click on You may be prompted at this point, click "Add Provider" if you trust us!. Once you've added the provider, will appear as an option in the search bar and when you select, it will appear in the search bar.

Mozilla Firefox 2 users:

When you browse to, the button to the left of the searchbar will "glow" slightly. When you click on the button, you'll have the option of adding as a search provider. Once you've added, you'll know it's selected by the icon. Once installed with Firefox, this also allows you to select text on any web page, right-click, and search that text on directly as shown below.

For Google toolbar users...

As an alternative or if you have an older browser, you can also search directly with the Google toolbar.

Click here to add a search button for

And there is always bookmarks

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In addition to your own local bookmarks, remember to add us to your favorite bookmarking sites, such as, BlinkList, or Furl.