Is there any advertising on

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that the only "advertising" currently available is through standard search engine marketing (SEM) using Google AdWords that appear to the right on every search results page. This sponsored search (paid keyword) approach is common on all major search engines and natural to people searching In fact, if you sign up here - - or already have an AdWords account, you can display ads not only on, but and across the web.

Google AdWords and

The advantage to using the AdWords platform is that you have the option to only pay for actual clicks to your site (what we call "pay per click" or PPC) and you can select the key words that your ad will display for. A percentage of the amount that you pay Google for displaying the ad is then shared with It's simple, easy to accomplish, you never have to negotiate (or even talk) with us.

For those who are familiar with the AdWords platform, we should be clear that this is currently all driven through "keyword targeting" (and thus likely for your ads to be displayed on as well) and not "site-targeting" specific to

We understand keyword marketing

Clearly search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of generating business from the Internet, however it can't completely replace advertising. It's very difficult when you are trying to set yourself apart from the millions of potential sites competing for the top results for a key word or phrase.

So the challenge is to invest in advertising that:

  1. Targets the desired audience.
  2. Is cost effective.
  3. Provides measurable results.

This is exactly what we are providing with the platform, where our goal is to deliver ads that are so relevant, people searching actually find them useful.

Getting started with AdWords.

Want your ad to show only on a particular site, no problem. How about showing it only to users in Arizona or even in Phoenix or Tucson, again, no problem. Want to set a budget for a day, a week or month? Again, Google lets you control both your audience and budget in a way that no other advertising media can. You can test different text or images on a limited run and find the combination that returns the best results before you invest significantly.

Want to setup keyword marketing but don't have the time? We can help